Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to TallyCats!

Today is the launch!!!
After almost an entire year of hard work and dedication from student leaders across campus, we are so excited to share this program with the rest of the University of Kentucky! All the long (but fun!) hours in the student center were well worth it. TallyCats is a program unlike any other in the nation and truly puts us ahead of all those other big schools, making them wish yet again that they could be as great as the Wildcats of Kentucky.
The best part of TallyCats is that there is absolutely NO catch! Our WildCat ID's are about as crucial as drinking water these days, so it's not like you or I have to put any extra effort into remembering to bring it along. All we want is for students of all grades and all walks of campus to come out, get involved, and to have fun! There is a TallyCats event out there for each and every student, whether it's a campus, organization, or athletic event (C-A-T-S!). TallyCats is made by students for students and it's sole purpose is for you to enjoy everything the University of Kentucky has to offer and to, of course, score allllll kinds of swag!
We hope to see YOU very soon!
Swipe. Sign In. Score Swag!